The Blessington Lakes today is a beautiful spot in the Garden of Ireland, Wicklow, surrounded by wildlife and a great facility for many enjoyable activities.

Here is a video tour using images of the wildlife that surround the lake such as Falcons, Cranes, Deer.
It is under development and as we get footage we will add it. The video starts with a 40 minute sunset compressed into 20 seconds
and then shows some footage of peregrine falcons bringing food to their new born chicks. Moving up the surrounding hills we try to catch video of deer in misty windy conditions.

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We are currently working on a short video of the activities for everyone that have evolved due to the presence of the lake which will include Fishing, Boating, Sailing, Wind Surfing, Paragliding off Black Hill, Canoeing, Rowing and Water Skiing on the lower lake.
Also what the scenery and terrain attract to the area such as Cycling, Hill Walking, Vintage Car Rallies, The Hillbilly Tractor Run (7th year), KnockanStockan Music Festival etc.

Here are samples of Paragliding off Black Hill and Windsurfing.

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Also a video on the benefits the construction of the Dam has brought in both its 30MW electrical generation capacity and supplying water to a large population.

It will take some time to compile these videos and we need some input from you that are enjoying the activities and wildlife. For example it would be difficult to capture a fisherman catching a pike from the lake so if you have footage we can integrate it into an all inclusive video.

The are supplying head camera footage off black hill showing the lake and surrounding hills from the air. In each of the activities we will show from the ground or boat and then move into a head camera so you can get the feeling of participation.

Let's Do It.