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Here is a virtual tour using images compiled into video. It brings you back in time to pre 1939 before the dam was built and and moves along to when the waters retreated to give us a glimpse of what was there. The video ends in Ballinahown which is a village completely submerged under the lake.

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Or you can watch it on Youtube here

Here are some more short videos about the Lake on youtube

Timeline for the project

November 1937 the work begins with 50 people employed at poulaphuca to start the construction of the Dam.

July 1938 two tower cranes are complete in the gorge with 200 employed at the dam building a 16ft diameter tunnel from the dam to valve house, the dam itself and the surrounding infrastructure. An additional 120 building 3 replacement bridges.

By early 1940 they were ready for the flooding and the gate that bypassed the construction site was dropped at 10am on 3rd March 1940.

By September 1940 the Lake was 1/3 full.

The second world war delayed the arrival of the generating equipment.

March 1942 a 60 ton transformer arrived.

10 December 1943 the first current was delivered to the grid, not from poulaphuca but just downstream from Golden Falls using a 4MW generator.

1943 Water intake feed from the lake, treatment works, and a 16 mile pipeline to West Dublin are complete. Dublin Corporation today are drawing off some fifty five million gallons a day.

December 1944 poulaphuca delivered its first current to the grid at half capacity.

September 1945 (end of the war) the last piece of equipment arrived and the Kaplan 15MW generator was finally commissioned in 1947

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