Ballyknockan the Granite Stonecutters Village

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Hillbilly Tractor Run 26th June 2011

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Ballyknockan Today 2010

Ballyknockan on the last Sunday of June participates in the Hillbilly Tractor Run which is a great fund raising event for charity. For the last five years this event was hosted in or near Ballyknockan but for last two years because it has grown in popularity we ran out of space and had to change the start and finish points to larger fields outside the village. The village bursts into life on the weekend of the event.

Hillbilly Run Party

Hillbilly Run Party In Ballyknockan.

Hill Walkers use the village picnic area as a starting point before climbing Moanbane (2313 ft.) and Mullaghcleevaun (2615 ft.)

Picnic Area and terminus for the 65 dublin Bus

Picnic Area.

The area is also a very popular route for Cyclists who like to pass along the lake drive through Ballyknockan, which sits at 800 feet above sea level, the route varies from the lake level at 600 ft to hills reaching 800 ft. and gives the cyclist frequent climbs and descents.

A View from the Quarry with deteriorating equipment in sight

A View from the Quarry with an abandoned old crane in sight.

A View from the Quarry with deteriorating equipment in sight

Ballyknockan, Blessington, Co. Wicklow