Ballyknockan the Granite Stonecutters Village

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Historical Data and Interesting Facts

Books that refer to the area

Ballyknockan a Wicklow Stonecutters' Village. by Seamas O Maitiu & Barry O'Reilly ISBN0-9528453-5-0

Beneath the Poulahhuca Reservoir by Chris Corlett ISBN0-7557-7606-2

The Book of the Liffey from source to the sea. by E. Healy, C. Moriarty & G. O'Flaherty

50 years on the Liffey. Compiled to celebrate 50th anniversary of the Dam

The Wicklow World of Elizabeth Smith 1840-1850


Films that were made in the area

Captain Boycott 1947

Shake Hands with the Devil 1959

The Lilac Bus

Widow's Peak 1994

P.S. I Love You 2007


Ballyknockan because of its natural beauty is a popular location as a film set and for visiting tourists.
It has changed considerably since this web site was originally launched in 1997 and a number of derelict buildings have been converted into homes and apartments during the property boom. Luckily, the conversions have retained the stone features of the original buildings. The quarries have ceased to operate because of the importation of cheaper granite from China but there are still stonemasons operating in the village.

Ballyknockan, Blessington, Co. Wicklow